Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gigya Authentication process

Gigya is a third part service provider which can let you manage the authentication providers like google, facebook, yahoo, etc..

To have it in your sharepoint follow below approach to authenticate the user using gigya.

Configuration need to be done in below steps
  1. Create apps in provider sites.(Refer Gigya site)
  2.  Crete an app in Gigya site and use the app key, secret key of the provider site to configure Gigya App. (Refer Gigya site)
  3. Configure Social Network Application Keys in Gigya app. (Refer Gigya site)
  4. Create STS to authenticate to SharePoint site by getting the user information from Gigya app.
  5. Export the SSL certificate with/without private key
  6. Registering the SSL certificate using PowerShell commands.

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